Welcome to Steelter:

Overview of our company

Welcome to the Steelter Blog. Here we will post one entry per week explaining our latest updates, company news and reports and studies related to Steelter. By following this blog you will be completely updated with the information of our organization. 

But. . . What is Steelter? 

Steelter is a technological platform that offers a set of functionalities aimed at identifying and managing human talent. At Steelter we believe that each person has a unique competency profile with unique skills, values and attitudes. Thanks to our own competence assessment method, the profile of each person can be discovered and thus benefit the organisation and the employee. 

The main functionalities offered by the platform are: 

Organization configuration: With this functionality, work centers, departments and professional groups or categories are managed. Each of these elements will serve both to classify people and to group accumulated statistical data from the evaluations that are carried out. The criteria to be followed for the creation of departments and categories should be the organization's own. 

Workforce: It is the functionality where people in the organization are listed and maintained individually. Each person has a card where all the information generated on the platform through the different evaluations is displayed. This is also where most of the evaluation functions are carried out. Lists all history of evaluations conducted, in progress or cancelled, of whatever kind, for tracking and management purposes.

Recruitment: This functionality allows to carry out candidate screening processes through an objective profile defined by the recruiter. Once the candidates are uploaded, the system takes care of sending credentials for the Steelter evaluation. The system displays the candidates in order of highest to lowest fit to the target profile, and you can view and download the comparative report. 

Analytics: Gives access to the powerful engine of comparative data analysis of the competence evaluations of the people in the organization. The data can be grouped according to the criteria defined in the company configuration. They can also be compared in aggregate or individually for each person. We can even create comparisons between defined criteria and people, depending on the type of data or report we need. 

The options are unlimited. In this same module we find functionalities to create target profiles for recruitment and predictive profiles to track the organization. 

9 Boxes: This is the functionality that Steelter offers to detect the potential of people. It's as simple as choosing a predictive profile, finding the people who fit it, choosing a previously conducted performance evaluation, and filtering the data according to the organization's segmentation criteria. The results are ordered on two axes, showing each evaluated in the graph with adjustment to its potential.

This is the very schematic summary of our organization. With this Blog we want to get closer to people interested in Steelter and provide the information required to solve any doubt. We hope you'll keep reading us. Greetings!