Steelter in Artificial Intelligence Tech Spirit 2020

Barcelona Tech Spirit is an initiative proposed spontaneously after the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) and the 4YFN due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. The network of entrepreneurs in Barcelona, led by Barcelona Tech City, have organized a total of 45 activities in the Llotja de Mar of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and more than 100 events throughout the city. 

Barcelona Tech City is a private non-profit association, open to the entire local and international technology ecosystem based in Barcelona.

The president of Barcelona Tech City, Miguel Vicente, has assured that the event, which will only be held this year; “does not intend to replace Mobile or 4YFN, but is a space to do business and a great day of entrepreneurship". 

One of the many events is the Artificial Intelligence Tech Spirit. This event, which was held on February 24th, dealt with the main trends in the technological development of Artificial Intelligence, success stories in the implementation of AI by companies and startups, as well as the startups-meet-investors session. 

One of the companies invited to explain the development of its AI as an example of a success story was Steelter. The speech, presented by our CEO Agustí Devant, focused on ethics applied to AI. The crux of the presentation was the correct management of human talent and the objectification of decision making in the areas of human resources. Agustí Devant made a historical analysis of the labour panorama that went back to the Industrial Revolution to finally propose a change of paradigm in the labour orbit. 

Agustí Devant: “[. . . ] we can make decisions that affect people more humane, more objective, more democratic, driving a change of paradigm, a disruption in the current model".

To conclude Steelter's participation, our CEO took part in a round table, together with other guests to the conference such as Sergio Colado (Nechi Group) or Jordi Navarro (CleverData). The central theme to be discussed was the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the future of work and poverty. Agustí Devant proposed an educational use of AI to improve the work scenario and get the most out of human talent.


Agustí Devant (izquierda) durante la mesa redonda.


Agustí Devant (left) during the round table.